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Analytics & IoT for ALL Elevators

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Transition to Smart Buildings

The Internet of Things (IoT) is driving an entirely new class of smart building technology. Enabling operational systems to provide more accurate and useful information, improving operations and providing an exceptional experience for building tenants.

Datahoist is accelerating the development of IoT solutions for elevators for the smart building industry, by creating the building blocks for the “Internet of Elevators”, and helping to enable your smart building solutions and new use cases (Access Control, Building Automation Integration, etc…)

How It Works

Our IoT devices are installed on the elevator equipment in less than an hour in most cases. Once connected to the elevator and a edge computing device, the devices begin to transmit data about the elevator’s run characteristics and other variables to the Datahoist Cloud Platform. Our engineers then make sense of this data using our extensive collection of advanced learning algorithms & analytics to accurately begin cataloging and categorizing the data for meaningful insights.

We can use this intelligence to transition to more efficient business models, incorporating into intuitive user dashboards or mobile apps. Additionally, with our team’s expertise, we can begin to run this data through advanced predictive analytics/machine learning, which will allow for the prediction of elevator failures before they occur.

For Building Owners

Building owners require stand-alone systems that are designed to monitor and diagnose all elevators, regardless of who they are manufactured by, or who may be the service provider. This allows them to continue to seek competitive bids for services.

Importantly, Datahoist products and services are engineered to be stand-alone IoT solutions, allowing building management to access and monitor ALL elevator systems with ease. Our solutions work for…

  • a single elevator
  • banks of elevators
  • entire facility
  • entire organizations

For Service Companies

Elevator service companies of all shapes and sizes can benefit from our solutions. A new service program driven by Datahoist technology will help optimize their overall service operations and increase their teams knowledge about the current health of their elevators. Helping to give service providers some of the following benefits:

  • Substantial reductions in equipment downtime
  • Increased visibility into overall operations
  • Increased inventory control
  • Know equipment health
  • Remote monitoring 24/7-365
  • Help train average service technicians

About Us

We have decades of experience both in the elevator industry and in processing complex real-world data using a wide variety of automated self-learning software methods. Our experience led us to developing a working elevator monitoring system from the sensor, to edge processor, to cloud processor, database storage, data abstraction, analysis and delivery of a simple result to the user.  Additionally, we’ve gained a great deal of experience gathering, processing, and analyzing data by creating an entire automated system for predictions, and are currently working with a cutting-edge data science company and with Microsoft’s IoT Insider Labs to predict elevator failures based on sensor data. 

Importantly, the elevator monitoring system developed by Datahoist contains a large number of adaptive self-learning algorithms distributed from end-to-end.  It learns patterns and alerts users based on anomalies it detects without raising a large number of “false alarms” that are typical of monitoring systems.  Our system is designed to be robust in an environment where things go wrong and we are providing continuous improvements as we gain more experience with it.

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The latest news from Datahoist!

News Update 4/19/2017 – DRAKA, DATAHOIST PARTNER TO BRING IoT FOR MAINTENANCE: Draka Elevator Products, a business unit of the Prysmian Group, and Datahoist of Austin, Texas, have announced a partnership to bring cloud-based Internet of Things (IoT) services and advanced analytics to the global market. Edge computing devices and sensors will be used to connect elevators to the Microsoft Azure cloud services developed by Datahoist. Utilizing Datahoist’s analytic algorithms, Draka’s customers can access their elevator’s performance data to provide remote monitoring, prioritize maintenance and reduce equipment downtime, irrespective of manufacturer or supplier.

News Update 10/5/2017 – Datahoist and Draka will be attending Interlift this month.

Dan Bryant

Dan Bryant

Co-founder & CEO/CTO

An entrepreneur, inventor, builder, and creator of new elevator technology. With 25+ years of experience in elevator diagnostics and many patents. Dan has a unique skill set. Including development of software/hardware, mobile apps, enterprise solutions, predictive analytics platforms, and IoT platforms. Coupled with his extensive experience of owning/operating large elevator service companies and being known as an extremely skilled elevator technician. Truly a rare individual.