Data Automation using AI and IIOT for Predictive Maintenance

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The cloud-based analytics platform that Datahoist plans to use for their Predictive Maintenance Solution, constantly monitors for accuracy and regularly refreshes to take advantage of the intelligence buried in elevator data.

Perhaps the single least understood aspect of data science, is the fact that the initially developed predictive models do not remain reliably predictive for very long. They are subject to constant change as more data sources become available. We need an approach that automates the maintenance and re-creation of models, and scales up the number of models to support personalization. Without automation, the benefits of these insights will not reach beyond a few individuals.

Importantly, Datahoist team members helped to build the Dejalytics Analytics Platform™, and currently the platform is Datahoist’s analytics-as-a-service solution to the above challenges. It delivers reliable automation and scaling of the following activities:

  1. Data Ingest/Integration
  2. Pattern Analysis and Machine Learning for Predictive Analytics (Robust Model Building, Calibration, Validation, Scoring, Maintenance/Rebuilding)
  3. Real-time model training and scoring for any predictive algorithm
  4. Visualization & Reporting

Furthermore, Dejalytics has a proven track record of consistently producing reliable and accurate analytic solutions for problems involving large numbers of variables that are constantly changing. The team is led by professionals with experience across a broad range of industries and diverse clients.

Datahoist plans to use the platform for their future predictive elevator maintenance solutions. Additionally, Datahoist will continue to look for strategic partnerships to advance predictive solutions within the vertical transportation industry. If you would like to learn more about the automated predictive technology we use, please contact us at

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