Datahoist explains IIoT & Elevators

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Datahoist explains how the SOTL5 uses IIoT & Predictive Analytics to report on the Health Trends of any Elevator regardless of Manufacturer.

Would you like to know the health trend of all your elevators 24/7 all from your mobile device or computer? Now get visibility into the health of your elevators regardless of manufacturer with Datahoist’s SOTL5.  Our cutting edge Industrial Internet of Things solution provides real-time health trend reports using patent pending AI algorithms. The trend data provides actionable alerts and daily reports to multiple stakeholders and allows users access via internet cloud based logins. Datahoist’s predictive analytics allow you to monitor and make repairs by knowing your elevators health before major repairs are needed.  By providing the data for proactive, condition-based, and predictive maintenance strategies, Datahoist’s cloud-based IIOT solution enables stakeholders to reduce downtime and better manage labor costs

***Our technology installs in less than that 2 hours by a certified elevator technician and then you’re immediately up and able to monitor via any mobile device or computer each individual elevator car.

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