Elevator IIoT Solutions for Facility Managers

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Elevator IoT for facility managers
(Expero, Inc. early UI rendering for Datahoist’s Elevator IoT products/services)

“The elevator is broken again Mr. Jones.…”

The dreaded Monday morning phone call for many facility managers, that often leaves them with a sense of frustration. I have personally been on the other side of those phone calls, and felt the “pain”. So let’s ask ourselves, “What if the elevator could learn from it’s own behavior, and stop making life so difficult, and have LESS DOWNTIME!?” In this post, we will take a brief look at predictive analytics IoT solutions, and how they can help with facility manager’s elevator issues.

For most facility managers, there is nothing new about the idea of connecting smart devices to enable diagnostics and remote monitoring on elevators. However, the Internet of Things (IoT) has given rise to new technologies that are more beneficial than the outdated “legacy” systems we are all familiar with.

IoT has allowed for more tools and offerings to become available to developers and the masses. As a result, costs have come down considerably for solutions that previously were only made available to Fortune 500 companies, like Walmart. Such as their extensive use of predictive analytics. For Walmart, they use predictive analytics for increasing their sales. For elevators, we can use advanced predictive analytics models  to find elevator problems before they occur!

So back to that “pain” I mentioned. We can solve it! By connecting all your elevators to the cloud through new IoT devices, we can begin to run data about the elevator’s run characteristics, and learn trends over time. We can predict failures before they occur and with a high degree of confidence. Resulting in reducing “out-of-service” elevators by as much as 50% or more!

While you might be able to do predictive analytics modeling on some outdated “legacy” based elevator remote monitoring systems, you would still not be able to tap into the additional benefits of IoT. The Internet of Things is producing a multitude of new choices for facility managers. Such as the cloud-based analytics mentioned, and new options for managed services, and/or software to offer new levels of monitoring, control, and integration. Additionally, IoT allows for more flexibility, due to its increased capabilities and having less limitations. Solutions are built with building blocks, so adding that cool “new” feature in 5 years isn’t a problem like it is with “legacy” based systems.

Indeed, the future is bright for facility managers and removing some of the “pain”. ThyssenKrupp Elevator recently partnered with Microsoft to build their own IoT maintenance solution, and Kone with IBM’s help, is not far behind for theirs. While Datahoist is developing the industry’s first 3rd party Elevator IoT solution for facility managers that require the freedom to choose their maintenance provider. Exciting times for the Internet Of Elevators!

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