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Know More,
Worry Less
Datahoist is a leader in elevator and escalator IoT technology.
Let’s Face it.
No one wants to worry about their elevator. We all want elevators to be available when and where we need them. We all want them to be reliable, dependable and germ-free. While we haven’t figured out the germ-free part, we have figured out how to make them more reliable and dependable.
We’ve accomplished this using:

Sensor Technology


Internet of Things (IoT)


Cloud-Based Computing


Machine Learning

Through these technologies, we’ve created predictive quality analytics that help elevator owners see when their elevator’s health is trending poorly. This visibility allows owners to intervene before a breakdown.
Cloud-Based and Universal
Our technology is cloud-based and universal, working on any elevator or escalator make or model. We value secure, non-proprietary open-architecture and data sharing to allow our customers to connect with data that best fits their needs.
Our goal at Datahoist is to:
Make spaces more accessible for all people
Enhance visibility by bringing a diverse portfolio of vertical transportation equipment under one easy-to-use platform
Improve passenger safety
Heighten insight by providing management tools to better head off issues before they become problems
We do this through advanced sensors and algorithms that provide predictive quality data right at your fingertips.
Datahoist has a three-tiered product solution approach. All of our products are designed to increase access, improve safety and elevate management for our customers. Our products are designed to work in concert or solo.
Our SOTL5 provides a simplified predictive insight into your elevator’s health.
Our SOTL6 allows for a deeper data dive to assess portfolio performance.
Our Custom Solutions uncover the unique data needs of any elevator owner, service provider, smart building platform or elevator component manufacturer.
Datahoist will work with you to find the best solution to leverage technology to ensure your building is more accessible, safe and easily managed.
The Predictive Analytic Solution
SOTL5 was designed with the idea of simplicity and time in mind. It allows customers to get an at-a-glance health check on your equipment, akin to a blood pressure cuff.

SOTL5 device mockup.

Our patent-pending algorithms gage hundreds of data points from the vibrations and acceleration of elevator doors (open and close) and run (up and down) and provide a color-coded reading.
Our green, yellow, orange and red indicators allow customers to quickly recognize when there is a pending issue with their equipment and contact a service provider before a breakdown.
This predictive quality diagnosis ensures elevators are in service longer without unforeseen breakdowns or inconveniences.
We tie this information together and present it to our customer through the Datahoist Customer Portal.
Customers can view near real-time updates or set-up daily email reports.
Additionally, through Microsoft Power BI, customers can opt to view increased business analytics.
SOTL5 is exclusively for elevators. The device is installed on the elevator car-top with discreet wiring in approximately 2 hours with a trained certified elevator technician.

The Enterprise-Focused Solution

As opposed to obtaining data points and detecting anomalies through sensors, SOTL6 connects directly with an elevator or escalator controller.

SOTL6 main board with communication and power.


SOTL6 stacked with IO Boards for discreet monitoring. Used for escalators and older elevators.

Connecting to the controller enables our device to read and translate fault codes and elevator state data into understandable, searchable and actionable information.
The SOTL6 provides second-by-second comprehensive data to pinpoint problem areas through faults and state changes instantly.
We utilize Microsoft IoT Central computing power to provide a virtual space to visualize all your equipment on one screen, computer or mobile device.
Additionally, we can design a customized solution to interact with an existing building management system or smart building platform.
Request a demo here.
SOTL6 has applications for elevators and escalators. The device connects directly to an elevator controller (CPU) and is installed in approximately 8 hours with a trained certified elevator technician.
Custom Solutions
Whether you are looking to make your elevator component technology smarter, improve the ability to manage your portfolio, customize data points for mission critical assets, or receive in depth troubleshooting, we will work with you or your DevOps and IT departments to meet your needs.
We recognize there is not a one shoe fits all solution for every transit system, airport, higher education campus, hospital system or real estate management firm. Thats’s why our Datahoist Custom Solutions team will work to understand your gaps and needs and work to create the best solution for you to manage your equipment.
Comparison and Costs
Datahoist Product Comparison and Cost
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Datahoist looks to partner with like-minded companies to help unlock the mysteries of complex elevator machinery and disrupt the long standing propriety nature of the industry. We are open to various types of partnerships from exclusive resale contracts and white labeling products to referral agreements.
Let’s start a conversation and learn how we can work together!
Resell Our Products
We offer wholesale prices for channel sales opportunities. We base our channel sales pricing on quantity goals with graduated incentives for preferred partners.
Become a Partner + Our Partners
Becoming a Datahoist Partner begins with a conversation. Contact us to schedule a meeting to discuss how we can best work together.
Our Partners include: Microsoft, Arrow, Zuar, Quantum Interface, EMR Elevator, Schaefer Elevator Components, Precision Elevator
Regardless of industry, if you own or manage a building with more than one floor, especially if that facility is commercial in nature, then you are responsible for vertical transportation equipment (elevators and escalators). If you have newer equipment (less than 10 years old), then you may have cloud-capable technology embedded in your equipment. However, it is likely proprietary to the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Moreover, if you have a large portfolio, it is highly unlikely that the make, model and age of your equipment is the same or even similar. Datahoist allows all of your equipment to have the same level of technology regardless of make, model or age. Our devices are universal and enable owners, building managers, consultants, service providers to gain visibility and insight into their equipment at any time, any place. We recognize each industry has a unique set of values and KPIs.
Check out how Datahoist can best service your industry.
Commercial Real Estate
Simplified Management: consolidates oversight into one user interface with push reporting
Easy Integration: connects to your current Building Management Systems or Smart Building Platform
Tenant Satisfaction: provides predictive insight to ensure equipment accessible and safe
Building and Elevator Consultants
Data Superiority: Advanced sensors, IoT computing and patent-pending algorithms eliminate false positives and elevate true actionable data
Holistic Analysis: Non-proprietary universal applications allow visibility of all equipment under one umbrella and MS Power BI enables for quick analysis of common data points
Flexible Use: Cloud-based diagnostics allow for analysis anytime, anywhere
Elevator Service Providers
Labor and Management Efficiencies: Targeted maintenance to the equipment in most need vs calendar maintenance
Customer Satisfaction: With predictive insight there are fewer breakdowns and less downtime
Competitive Edge: Incorporate remote monitoring technology to compete and level the playing field with larger firms
Elevator Components & Technology
Competitive Edge: Embedding sensors with predictive technology boosts value proposition
Performance Insight: Collect data to understand points of failure and build better components
Easy Integration: Through IoT computing, easily integrate with other building/tech platforms
IoT and Smart Building Platforms
Cloud and UI Agnostic: Amenable to data sharing and cooperative with other established platforms
Easy Integration: Provide high quality data with advanced analytics and systems expertise
Universal Application: Devices function across equipment types, makes and models
Simplified Management: Universal application consolidates oversight into one user interface with push reporting
Easy Integration: Can connect to your current Building Management Systems or Smart Building Platform
Customization: Can cater user interface, reporting, alerts and business analytics to unique institutional needs for local, state and federal compliance and oversight
Increased Accessibility and Mobility: Provides predictive insight to ensure equipment accessible and safe
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