Predictive & Prescriptive Maintence

Datahoist specializes in providing comprehensive maintenance and operational intelligence for elevators, escalators, and industrial equipment through the advanced use of IoT sensors and intelligent driven user interface. After training, our patent-pending analytics system identifies slight variations in sensor data to alert you of subtle changes in operation & performance. Trust us to help optimize your equipment’s performance, ensuring seamless operations, safety and peace of mind.

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Our SOTL5 and SOTL6 solutions provide key performance information for any elevator.

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Connecting to the escalator or elevator controller enables access to fault codes & escalator state data.

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Industrial Equipment

Datahoist specializes in industrial IoT equipment solutions that seamlessly capture live data.

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IoT Data Intelligence

Datahoist, a cloud-based technology, seamlessly integrates with elevators, escalators, and industrial devices that have movement & virbration. Once our system learns how your equipment operates we monitor your sensor data to identify potential issues. Our patent pending analysis provides new insight into your people moving assets. Partnering with the latest advancements in technology, Datahoist empowers you to unlock the full potential of your data.

Datahoist’s mission is clear:

  • Heighten insight
  • Enhance visibility
  • Make spaces more accessible
  • Improve passenger safety.

Achieving these goals is made possible through our innovative use of advanced sensors and algorithms. Our cutting-edge technology provides predictive quality data at your fingertips, empowering you with intelligent insights to help ensure the utmost safety and accessibility for all. With Datahoist, you can easily monitor and optimize your assets under one user-friendly platform.

Our Products

Datahoist has a three-tiered cloud to device product solution approach.

  1. SOTL5 – Elevator Car Box (includes sensors & communications)
  2. SOTL6 – Direct Controller Connection (Any Elevator or Escalator)
  3. Custom Device Connection 

Our products include our patent-pending predictive quality analytics and data access tools to help our customers improve safety, provide broader access to data and improve the quality of maintenance and support. 

SOTL5 elevator cab monitoring package

SOTL5 - Elevator Car Sensor

SOTL5 is exclusively for elevators. The device is installed on the elevator car-top with discreet wiring in approximately 2 hours with a trained certified elevator technician.

SOTL6 Direct Connection Sensor Board

SOTL6 - Direct Controller Connection

SOTL6 connects directly with an elevator,  escalator, or other device controller. It offers expansion capabilities for added flexibility and data streams.

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Custom Device Connection

Whether you are looking to make your elevator component technology smarter, improve the ability to manage your portfolio, customize data points for mission critical assets, or receive in depth troubleshooting, we will work with you or your DevOps and IT departments to meet your needs.

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