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About Us

Our goal at Datahoist is to:

  • Make spaces more accessible for all people
  • Enhance visibility by bringing a diverse portfolio of vertical transportation equipment under one easy-to-use platform
  • Improve passenger safety
  • Heighten insight by providing management tools to better head off issues before they become problem

We do this through advanced sensors and algorithms that provide predictive quality data right at your fingertips.o one wants to worry about their elevator, escalator or other IoT industrial device.

Predictive Quality Analytics

We all want elevators and other devices to be available when and where we need them. We all want them to be reliable and dependable. Datahoist technology helps our customers make these PropTech devices  more reliable and dependable.

Through these technologies, we’ve created predictive quality analytics that help PropTech and other critical device owners see when their elevator’s health is trending poorly. This visibility allows owners to intervene before a breakdown.

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