Our Solution

Implement proactive, AI condition-based, predictive elevator maintenance strategies with Datahoist. Installed in about two hours by a certified elevator technician, our fully functional IIoT solution installs on any elevator, regardless of manufacturer. The SOTL5 delivers advanced analytics and machine learning that allows any elevator service provider or facilities manager to manage their elevator assets more proactively.

How It Works

Datahoist gathers and processes elevator data using IIoT sensor devices combined with adaptive, self-learning AI algorithms. Cartop and door sensors process data in the edge gateway where the data is processed and analyzed and then passes the needed data into the Microsoft Azure cloud, where data is presented via UI on any mobile device or computer . Fast and easy to install, Datahoist learns patterns and behaviors of each elevator and alerts users to any anomalies it detects. Daily reports are sent showing the elevators health trends via e-mail or slack.

How Datahoist works

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