Custom Device Connect

Direct Connect to Any Controller

SOTL6 Direct Connection Sensor Board

Comprehensive Analysis of Controller Data

As opposed to obtaining data points and detecting anomalies through sensors from our SOTL5 Car Top Sensor Box, our direct device connection attaches directly with an elevator, escalator or other “in-motion” device controller.

Custom Direct Connection to Controller

Our Custom Direct Connection to any device controller allows Datahoist, LLC to quickly detect and analyze device health trends by analyzing and managing controller data. Our Predictive Analytics system can manage and track any sensor data that may be available directly from the controller. Combined with adaptive, self-learning algorithms our software analyzes and records controller data and transmits it via cellular or network to the cloud. Users have access to a cloud-based web user interface to view their data.

Advanced Custom Sensor Packages & Analytics

In addition to connecting directly to device controlers, Datahoist develops custom sensor packages to meet specific customer situations and equipment. These custom sensor packages also contribute data to the Datahoist analytics system and help you improve operations through predictive maintenance  through the integration and intelligent analysis of the Datahoist software.

The system is fast and easy to install, learns patterns and alerts users to any anomalies it detects.

AI Learning Capabilities

Datahoist’s patent-pending, advanced analytics tools use AI learning skills to recognize patterns that might represent problems. Our intelligent algorithms analyze hundreds of data points from the vibrations and acceleration of elevator operations.¬†

SOTL6 Direct Connection Sensor Board
Map showing elevator/escalator location in Datahoist software location view

Our intelligent maintenance analytics system can also recognize when there is a pending issue with your equipment and help you contact a service provider before a breakdown.

Advantages of Controller Data

The Datahoist Predictive Analytics system is able to include a wide variety of controller data to analyze the performance of your elevators and escallators. This data provides a more robust ability to determine equipment status and predict future performance.

As with SOTL5 devices, SOTL6 managed equipment Status is shown based on severity of issue detected and overall state of the unit. We use common green, yellow, orange and red indicators so users can quickly determine status and triage problems.

Complete Custom Solution

Using our SOTL6, we can customize a solution comprised of special IoT sensors, direct controller connections and other possible data access to meet all your data analytics needs. With our custom solutions, we can provide support for all kinds of devices that are “in-motion” and require constant monitoring for safety and convenience.

We customize our patent pending analytics software to manage all types of maintenance and operational data so you’re never left in the dark about your equipment’s operations.

Tram Cable towers

Our Custom Direct Controller Connection service is designed to directly connect to any controller managed device. Our custom connection device is installed next to the controller with discreet wiring in approximately 2 hours with a trained certified elevator technician.