Predictive Maintenance System

Intelligent IoT Data Sensor Analytics

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Datahoist Can Turn Your Sensor Data into Analytics

Datahoist’s Predictive Maintenance capabilities stem from our patent-pending, predictive maintenance analytics algorithms. Our software can monitor multiple operational sensors simultaneously and provide our users with critical insight into their elevator, escalator or other machinery’s operation and performance. We’ve designed it to work with most elevators, escalators and other industrial devices.

IoT Sensor Data Makes Predictive Analytics Possible  

The Datahoist Predictive Analytics System is at the heart of Prescriptive Maintenance Solution. It provides 4/* user-tailored, innovative solution that continuously learns and adapts as it monitors the health of your devices. We capture and manage sensor and other operational data using Microsoft’s Azure IoT Cloud or any other private or public cloud IoT service. With our patent-pending Predictive Analytics system, we provide a user tailored, comprehensive health indicator for each device, which can be customized and configured according to your needs.

Easily Climb the Maintenance Pyramid

Datahoist’s products, including our IoT Analytics System makes it possible for you to climb the maintenance pyramid by helping you develop a more prescriptive  maintenance process that leads to greater customer satisfaction, lower downtime and safer operations.

Maintenance Pryamid

maintenance prymaid

Prescriptive Maintenance

Integrated Solution that provides early failure predictions and recommended service.

Predictive Maintenance

Sensors and advanced algorythms predict future failure.

Proactive Maintenance

Service performed when sensors show signs of decreasing performance.

Preventive Maintenance

Service equipment on a periodic basis to prevent failures.

Reactive Maintenance

Service performed only after equipment has failed.

How It Works

Datahoist’s AI-driven Prescriptive Maintenance Solution analyzes operational data, allowing you to identify subtle changes in device performance and operational conditions. By capturing, identifying, and classifying these operational signatures, we can predict maintenance needs and help improve overall performance.

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Focus on Elevators & Escalators

The current focus of our product offering is on elevators, escalators, and similar devices, but our technology can be easily trained for other in-motion devices. Seamlessly integrating with a wide range of devices, systems, and platforms, our Advanced Data Intelligence & Analysis system helps you schedule maintenance and repairs proactively, ensuring maximum uptime.

KPIs Tracked for Elevators

  • Door time consistency
  • Flight time consistency
  • Releveling
  • Signal Analysis/Fault recognition
  • Motion Analysis
  • Out of service states
  • and more…
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Aproachable & Useful Dashboards

Using our predictive analytics, your users are provided access to a comprehensive dashboard providing an “at-a-glance” health check of all equipment. Our dashboards are tailored for Elevators, escalators & other people movers, but can be customized for any industrial device that monitors vibration, acceleration, temperature, or other sensor data.


  • Quickly highlights problem devices
  • Indicates devices that are operating out of normal conditions base on our predictive continuous analysis
  • Details issues out of norm for fast determination of potential issues.
  • Our dashboards can be tailored to your specific needs and the data needs of your devices.

Customizable Status Indicators

Our customizable status indicators are controlled by identifying subtle changes in the device operation signature of the sensor set. We identify differences with known operating conditions and correlate them to device performance & operational condition. By analyzing these unique operational signatures, we identify the conditions that usually indicates a change in performance in the monitored equipment and could forewarn of a need for service (either immediate or near-term).

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Map showing elevator/escalator location in Datahoist software location view

Predictive Analytics

Our predictive quality diagnosis is tailored for your specific device type. It helps ensure your devices, like elevators & escalators, are in service longer without unforeseen breakdowns or inconveniences.

We track all the critical information for your devices, including:

  • Location
  • Make, Model & other service info
  • Service history?
  • Sensor history
  • ….

Capturing, identifying and classifying these operational signatures for elevators and escalators forms the basis of our AI driven Prescriptive Maintenance Solution. Our future plans include training a comprehensive AI tool for Perscriptive Maintenence for a variety of in-motion devices. Our work in elevators and escalators is the initial market segments for us to take this technology.

Datahoist screen shots of data reporting and operational intelligence

Easy Data Access

Users can view near real-time updates or set-up daily email reports.

Additionally, through Microsoft Power BI, customers can opt to view increased business analytics.